Admission and Registration Office:

    This department is one of the pillars of the college and a dynamic part of it. It follows Admission and Registration Department, which specializes in setting terms and conditions for admitting students to the Colleges of Applied Sciences, planning academic and technical programs, following up the execution of academic plans and monitoring student's performance, in addition to other jobs. As for the Admission and Registration Office, it undertakes organizing the educational processes in the college through the following tasks:

    1. Receiving new students, opening files for them, giving them ID numbers and computer accounts and introducing them to the academic system at the college.

    2. Offering courses, preparing timetables and helping students in registering their course every semester.

    3. Reviewing academic plans for the graduating students.

    4. Helping faculty members in getting their timetables, attendance sheets and final student lists from the SIS and helping them enter final grades

    5. Monitoring under probation students and calling for their parents.

    6. Conducting related surveys and sending them to the concerned bodies.

    7. Preparing course timetables in coordination with HODs.

    8. Preparing final exam and invigilation timetables and allocating invigilators in the examination rooms.

    9. Preparing lists of expected graduating students and submitting them to the Admission and Registration Department.

    10. Distributing graduation application forms and receiving them back after being completed by the students.

    11. Preparing a computer file of students' semester results to be uploaded in the college's external and internal website.

    12. Certifying graduating students' results and giving students’ completion letters.

    A group of dedicated experts are in charge of this office, helping out students, faculty members and staff.

    Steps of Registering for a class:

    Enrolling in a class is done through the following steps:

    1. Those students who have not yet received their usernames and passwords to access the SIS system in order to register for classes are advised to refer to the Registration Department to get their SIS access details.

    2. Students, then, should refer to their appointed academic advisors through the HOD of the department they are enrolled in.

    3. The student should decide on the classes he/she is to register for based on their GPA and their academic advisor's recommendations. (Note: we advise all students to repeat the courses they failed with the previous batch to attain better GPA. Besides, we also advise the under probation students to repeat the courses in which they achieved less than 2.0 GP so to pass the probation stage ASAP)

    4. The students should choose the section in which he wishes to enroll by choosing any of the section numbers next to the course. Note that each section is limited in enrollment number of students. Note: applications regarding changing sections will not be considered after the student makes his/her choices. Note: (registration steps are advertised on the Admission advertisement boards)

    5. The students should hand in a printed copy of their timetable from the SIS system to the academic advisor, while keeping a copy to themselves.

    6. Finally, in case a student fails to stick to these steps, he/she will not be considered as registered for the semester, and therefore will be dismissed from the college.

    Important note: each student can print out his/her grades from the http://sohsisapp , and so can the academic advisors. The faculty can also make use of this facility and print out grade lists from the same website.